January 16, 2021


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3 Indonesian badminton players – Banned for Life

The news that the three Indonesian badminton players have been banned for life is causing a great deal of discussion. They combined to win the recent world badminton championships in South Korea. The reason they were banned was due to multiple cheating including match fixing, match manipulation and betting. This brought about quite a large controversy in the country.

Indonesian Badminton

The players were initially given warnings prior to the tournament. But then the officials decided to suspend the players because they “found” something during an investigation that they didn’t report. When asked what it was, they said it was a tendon problem in one of the players. So basically, they cheated.

There are several people in the country that are upset with the players. They say that it is an obvious case of sportsmanship and that sports should be played cleanly. However, there were reports of badminton matches where the rules were not followed and players did not play according to the rules. There have been several complaints about this type of behavior from the spectators and from players themselves.

The players involved in this scandal are not the only ones that have been banned. Many other people have also been found guilty of cheating. This has caused a lot of people to lose faith in the sport. They claim that the entire thing is suspicious and that the three players involved are only being used as scapegoats.

If you are a fan of the sport, then you will definitely want to read about the scandal that has been brought forth. But, what’s really troubling is that this is not an isolated incident. Badminton is a very big sport in Indonesia and the problem seems to be getting worse rather than better. The fact that this scandal has happened in Indonesia is not really all that surprising. Indonesia is a relatively new country when compared to other countries that have sports such as baseball and football.

Banned For Life

Sports such as badminton have always been popular. The badminton set is especially popular in Indonesia, where many tourists from other countries come to visit. The fact that the three players have been banned for life is certainly unfortunate. They have been tarnished not only for their inability to uphold the rules of badminton, but for being greedy and using their position for personal gain. It’s clear that these three badminton players have to pay for their actions.