January 16, 2021


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Anthony Joshua Plans to Retire in 5 Years

Anthony Joshua is scheduled to fight againstabouts light weights champion Romanello Rallo in an eliminator bout on the 22 of August in New York City. The fight will take place in a much sold out Madison Square Garden and there are expected to be plenty of people in the crowd who want to see Anthony Joshua win the fight. If you are not in the crowd for this fight then you probably won’t know what is happening in the arena or even care.

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The problem is that all of us are in the public eye all of the time. We are expected to be at all events, whether they are good or bad and we are expected to react accordingly. You can be certain that Anthony Joshua will be going out there to get his ass whipped and he will do it with style and ease.


The retirement buzz started when Joshua challenged heavyweight champion and WWE star Seth Riggs for the vacant World Heavyweight title in March of 2021. Riggs was believed to be a huge favorite to face Joshua in a “walk away” match, but Joshua won the fight by a second round submission. Now it seems that Joshua might be up for another fight sometime in the near future. He has expressed that he wants to return to the big screen and challenge for a championship again.


Rallo recently turned down a fight against former WWE star Diego Sanchez. Instead, Rallo is set to face Arturio Legner in an attempt to win the vacant WBA Flyweight title. It would be interesting to see how this fight goes as both men are considered by many to be top notch fighters. The two fighters have never gone to war in any of their previous fights and it will be interesting to see which one comes out on top. The idea being that either can win the championship and become a true rival of the other.

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The big question is how soon will we see this? Joshua is only 25 years old and should have enough time to either fight or retire. Some believe that he should face Diego Sanchez sometime in the near future, while others think he should wait a few more years before fighting again. That is a prediction though, as no one knows what happens in the future.


If you want to follow Anthony Joshua and have a plan of action for your retirement then you are encouraged to do so. He is a true professional who has worked hard to reach where he is today. He is a proven competitor and an even better person with a good heart. There is no doubt that he will continue to be successful as long as he wishes to be. After all, isn’t that what retirement is about