May 15, 2021

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Formula One

How Formula 1 Is Winning Over New Fans

As the title of this article suggests, I am asking how is Formula 1 Race losing its popularity? Well for a start there have been many complaints about the cost of watch the races, the lack of action and the difficult driving conditions on some of the race tracks. This has led to a decrease in the television audience watching the Formula 1 races. In 2021 there was record-breaking audiences for the Formula 1 season. The low television audiences meant that there were fewer sponsorship deals available for the Formula 1 teams.

Formula 1

This led to lower wages for the Formula 1 drivers, the less chance of bonuses and of course lower prize money. The new technology helps new fans to watch the races online too. It means that they can go online and buy the tickets from their own desk. This gives them more choice and makes the race even more exciting for them. Many of these new fans are very tech savvy and can use the internet to follow their favorite team and see what is happening in the races. They can also get live updates on Twitter from the team.

One argument is that the cars are quicker than ever before. These new sleek looking cars are getting faster every year and some can go as fast as almost half the cars in past races. They have aerodynamic parts, lower drag and are much lighter than the old cars. These changes mean that cornering speed is now greater than ever before. Also, these cars are built to last and will be long lasting with their durability.

Other teams worry about the smaller budgets they will have compared to the big teams. Some feel that they will soon lose their support and this could lead to more fans turning their backs on the sport. Some say that the new generation of fans are not interested in team battles and don’t care about the collisions. They want fast cars and the thrill of seeing their favourite team hit the dirt at the track.


New technology also comes into play as some teams now use satellite navigation equipment. This is an advanced form of car navigation and it allows the team to plan their laps and avoid any problems on the straights. There are several challenges that a team may face on track. If they don’t know how to solve these problems then they may soon lose their grip and start dropping out of the races. So the navigation equipment helps them map out the course and avoid trouble.

Formula One is about competition. The cars are designed to allow maximum speed and the teams put everything they have into the race. These cars are considered works of art by many and they race hard to prove that. With so much on the line each race, the cars need all the help they can get. That is why these teams work so hard to keep their cars in pristine condition.

Every race the teams place their cars to bring a new wave of fans who are eager to see what they are going to do. They will watch every race and keep up with the team no matter what happens. If a team loses a race it has a huge impact on the rest of the season. Then the teams begin to build up momentum and work hard for podiums and victories. With so much happening on the track and off, it is easy to understand how Formula 1 is still so popular among so many fans.