January 16, 2021


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Lewis Hamilton – BBC Sports Personality of 2020

Lewis Hamilton is a British Formula One racer who has held a number of world titles, including the 2020 championship. He is currently the current world junior champion, having narrowly missed out on winning the 2020 crown having been knocked out in the first round of the championship. Lewis is married to Claudia Paget, with the couple having been married since 1988. Lewis is the father of twin sons, Leo and Pax. This article briefly covers Lewis Hamilton’s career so far.

Sports Personality of the Year

Lewis Hamilton was born in Jamaica. At the age of five his parents, along with his two brothers, fought in a street fight, resulting in Lewis being sent to live with his grandparents. He soon learned how to drive in his grandmother’s car. His family later moved to Grove Park, in Grove Park, New Jersey. Lewis grew up in the area and was known to enjoy riding his bike, taking part in track and field events, and racing dirt bikes.

Lewis began going to amateur races, where he would use his racing skills to win money. In the United States, he qualified for the Formula Three championship, where he teamed up with Mark Whitten, with whom he went on to win the drivers’ championship. In the European championship, he partnered with Jean-pit barricade, with whom he finished third. Lewis became interested in racing when he reached the age of 16. He signed for the Manor Racing team, before moving to BMW in America.

Lewis started out at Baguazhang in Thailand, before moving onto Ferrari, where he won a race in Mexico. He moved on to Lotus, where he qualified second for the European championship – the first non-TT driver to do so. However, his time in Lotus was marred by the team’s bad luck, as they lost five out of the seven races. Lewis also developed a bad relationship with the then-headed driver Marco Pantano.

Lewis Hamilton 2021

After some time with BMW, Lewis decided that he wanted to move onto a more prestigious car. He joined the newly-formed Jaguar team, where he qualified fourth in the European championship. Sadly for him, however, it was not to be his night out – the car broke down in the pit road in the race. He subsequently replaced it with Jurirolet’s second car and made a further mistake: the gearbox started moving backwards, when it should have been forwards. The team blamed him for this and fined him. Lewis also hit a wall in the pits during the Spanish Grand Prix, but managed to fix the problem before qualifying.

Lewis Hamilton is now set to challenge Ferrari next year, having impressed F1 fans with his second place finish in the US GP. However, whether he chooses to stay with Mercedes or go for another team is down to him – and how much money is available to him. Last year, Hamilton made almost twice as much money as Ferrari’s designated driver, Sebastian VETT GERR; many expect this to continue this season. Whoever does end up winning, though, will be doing so with an increased level of self-belief, due to the fact that Lewis has re-established himself as one of the best drivers on the circuit.