January 16, 2021


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The top sports stories of 2020

The Sports Hall of Fame and the induction of champions around the world are an annual event. Each year, several inductees are selected to be presented with the coveted Sportsman of the Year award at the prestigious Sports Festival in Barcelona. The sports stories that make the cut are a reflection of the past year’s most popular games and players. Some of the best sports stories of the year often receive respectful mention at the prestigious Sports Awards Ceremony, held during the World Games in February each year.

The top sports stories 2020

The National Collegiate Athletic Association is the sole college to sponsor the awards. They have selected their own list of “classifiers” to determine which are the best sports stories of the year. The judging panel includes an editor from The Sporting News and a former champion high school player. The ultimate winner is deemed the Sportsman of the Year.

Other organizations are recognizing the importance of entertaining fans and keeping their audiences involved with meaningful competitions. Major League Soccer is hosting their first annual all-star game. Each of the six teams will represent their league in the competition, along with professional players from Europe and other international locations. The United States Men’s National Team is preparing for its first Olympic appearance in over 20 years as the team looks to win a third Gold medal in a row.

The NBA’s Orlando Magic is one of the hottest teams in the Eastern Conference. Just missing out on the Eastern Conference finals, Orlando has built a deep and talented bench that has enabled them to maximize the talent that they have available to them. The front line of the NBA, in addition to starters like Evan Turner and C.B.B. Jefferson, has been consistently productive, allowing the Magic to retain their top spot in the loaded Atlantic Division. The top sports stories of 2020 will feature the Magic as one of the contenders to dethrone the Cleveland Cavaliers as the Eastern Conference’s number one team.

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An interesting NBA story to follow is how the new collective bargaining agreement will affect the future of the Orlando Magic. The CBA has increased the amount of player protections from seven to nine, which will force the Magic to bring in a quality player each year if they want to keep their core group together. If the team does not bring in a proven player, they may find themselves in the same situation in three years when they are expected to enter into the big free-agent market. Keeping an eye on the future of this Orlando team and what it means for the future of the league should be one of the top sports stories of 2020.

The next major sports story to emerge will be the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. The location, site, and games, all of them important, will be another reason for athletes, fans, and the general public to pay attention to the professional athletics scene in this country. As we look forward to the games, we can also look forward to a world famous athletic event in the city of Tokyo, a first for the country. The top sports stories of 2020 will be about the incredible atmosphere, the exciting competitions, and the incredible stories of those who will be representing their countries.