January 16, 2021


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Valentino Rossi Reveals Challenges with Petronas

Valentino Rossi and Yamaha have been battling out for the championship in the premier class of motorbike racing. The two Italian superstars are close in age, and have raced against each other since they were a kid, in the early years of motorbikes in the World Touring Car Championship. Here is what we can expect this year, between Valentino and Yamaha, in their battle to win the GP3 title.

Valentino Rossi 2021

First off, Valentino has been fastened to the Yamaha team for several years, most notably winning the European round in the UK in 2020. Yamaha has always had a good bike but have never been able to challenge the top riders in the world such as Valentino. This year looks to be a big year for Yamaha, in terms of both form, and competitiveness with Valentino, who seems to be on a permanent winning streak. I think Yamaha has enough talent to challenge Valentino, who also has a great deal of skill to challenge the top riders in the world.


I’m expecting a fight, and I’m anticipating some aggressive riding from both Valentino and Yamaha. There’s plenty of opportunity for the two to trade some shots at each other during the race, and Yamaha would probably be on the faster bike throughout the race. It will probably come down to who can get past Valentino first, as he is always the faster of the two. However, I think Yamaha is a strong enough team to challenge Valentino and win in the end.


This year, Valentino is not putting the same effort into his bike as he has in the past. Many times he’s been able to push his bike all the way up a hill, and win, but this year he’s not doing this as often. Some people believe that Valentino simply doesn’t have the motivation it takes anymore, or that he doesn’t want to fight the battle. However, Valentino is fully aware of what he has to do to win the GP2 title. He knows that he has to prove to the fans and the officials that he is the true Valentino, the Valentino that the fans know and love.

The Yamaha Petronas Team

The final prediction is that Valentino will come out on top, but only by a small margin. However, Valentino has proven that he can come out on top, so I wouldn’t put my money on either one of these bikes winning. I’d also stay out of the crowd betting, unless I came in with a real bet on Valentino winning. Valentino has proven himself to be one of the most dangerous riders in the world, so I wouldn’t go into anything like that with too much confidence. You could say Valentino has his back and shoulders firmly on, and that may be true, but Yamaha is a strong bike team, and Valentino needs to prove that to the Italian public and the officials that he can win.