May 10, 2021

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Barcelona: The End of a Dynasty?

It was close to impossible for FC Barcelona to achieve their feat of European domination of the previous decade, or at least, until they signed Douglas Costa from Lens in France. The Catalans had long been regarded as the team that would rediscover the glory of the past, but few gave them much chance of doing it. Douglas Costa has changed that. His goals have lifted Barcelona to a very high level and he is leading the club with an eye-catching performance every week. It doesn’t matter who plays him, the fans love him, the media loves him – everyone seems to love this young forward fromraxia.

Barcelona 2021

Douglas Costa was born in Eivissa – the region of Cadiz. Despite his birth city, his family’s roots are from Barcelona. He grew up playing for the local youth team, but he soon decided that he wanted to make a difference. That is exactly what he has done since he turned professional. Today he plays for FC Barcelona.

When Douglas Costa was growing up in Eivissa, it wasn’t very popular to be Spanish. Only about 5% of the population were of Spanish descent in Eivissa then, and Douglas wasn’t very likely to join in any protests. When he got to Barcelona though, things changed dramatically. People were singing “Oriol Romeos” (Roses have come! ).

There is a great deal that you can say for Douglas Costa. He isn’t just another promising young player on the Barcelona bench. He is, in many ways, a direct descendent of the Camp Nou crowd. He has the same roots as many of the greats of the game that have gone before him. In other words, he represents everything that represents FC Barcelona – the club, the city, and the generations of players who came before.

This season represents a turning point in the history of this great club. Last year they lost a final game to rivals Real Madrid. This time, they seem to be taking the challenge of winning the treble of Spanish titles in a series of games that looks to be more than achievable. It is true that they lost at the first hurdle to a Madrid team that has been improving and is now probably the team to beat in this competition. But this season gives Barcelona the chance to prove that they are title contenders and to win the trophy.

Father Time

This year’s Barcelona team has several players who can be compared to the likes of Beckham and also to legends such as Henry and Ronaldo. They have a coach like Pep Guardiola, who is renowned for his patience and who has shown that he can adapt to various managers’ styles. On the field, though, they are made up of great fighters who are masters at getting the job done from the back line. They will have no trouble keeping PSG under control and will likely go all the way to take the trophy this year. But it won’t be easy.