May 9, 2021

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Inauguration Day: Sports world reaction

In government and politics, inauguration is the process of swearing a person into office and thus making that person the incumbent. Such an inauguration commonly occurs through a formal ceremony or special event, which may also include an inaugural address by the new official.

It’s only fitting that sports fans and people from the entertainment business like to analyze the political and cultural phenomenon that is President-elect Obama. After all, he is the first black president-elect of the United States – so this day can also be said to mark his historic achievement. And since nothing is predictable (or possible), how will the nation’s sports fanatics react when the new president starts his/her term? Some are already very vocal about their excitement while others – mostly those who didn’t support either Barack or Hillary Clinton – are keeping mum.

Inauguration Day

So what is the verdict on Inauguration Day? While many people have gathered to watch and enjoy the parade, parades and ceremony, most sports fans found themselves glued to their television sets either watching highlights on the news or catching up with their favorite teams in the playoffs. It seems that no matter how the day goes, the sports world will have a hand in reporting the happenings around the White House and the Obama administration. The only people who won’t be tuning into their favorite sport’s station are the Secret Service agents, press secretaries and journalists who were out in force to cover the president’s big day. And for those Americans who do tune in, they’ll do so to catch the highlights in slow motion or to catch the entire thing with their cell phones (cell phones are considered the new black on Inauguration Day).

Sports world reaction

Sports are all about resilience in the face of adversity and pushing through difficulty, Shireen Ahmed writes, and fighting injustice is no different. But we cannot be misled to think that we can pull back and relax now that Trump is out of office.