May 12, 2021

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Is Hockey an Olympic Sport?

If you are one of the people who are wondering whether ice hockey is an Olympic sport or not, then you have to first realize that it is. It is the most popular Olympic sport that is also one of the most well-loved games. In fact, ice hockey is the only sport that was added into the Olympic Games that did not exist at the time. The addition of this game to the Olympics symbolizes how much it has become accepted in the modern times.

Hockey History

Hockey originally is played with three on three ice that is covered with a goal post. There is a middle man between the players and the goal, which are generally a forward. He brings the puck back to the players and they skate freely on the ice. The game is played with two minutes of play per period. There is a regulation time limit of five minutes, and if the game is any longer than this, penalty fouls can be assessed.


Ice hockey is played in a variety of different countries, including Canada, the United States, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. It is played in indoor arenas that are called rinks and in outdoor arenas that are commonly referred to as ice parks. The playing surface of these facilities is generally made out of natural surfaces such as water, dirt or even ice. Although they are referred to as “ice” facilities, you will find that there is no actual ice involved in the game of ice hockey. These facilities are called facilities for recreational ice skating.


Even though there is no actual “ice” used in the game of ice hockey, it is referred to as “ice” because of its similarity to snow or ice in other sports. When the temperature becomes very cold in these cold weather conditions, the athletes inside the ice hockey arena will wear various types of jackets to help them regulate the temperature. During warm weather conditions in the Olympic type sports that I mentioned earlier, players will often wear more comfortable clothing than when playing in these colder temperatures. So yes, ice hockey is an Olympic sport. It is being played in countries all over the world.


In my country of the United States, ice hockey is played in many competitive schools and colleges. This past weekend, we saw our local college play a game against a team from another region of the country. Our local hockey club plays a game every Sunday during the fall season. This past weekend our college’s football team was playing a game against a team from the same region. This is just one example of how ice hockey is played internationally.

Hoki Hoki

As you can see, ice hockey is a great sport to participate in. Ice hockey players wear very comfortable clothes that protect them from the cold, snow and ice. Olympic level players spend a lot of time training to be able to withstand these types of conditions. I think overall ice hockey is a much better sport than football or baseball or any other regular sport that is played in the US because of these reasons.