June 21, 2021


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Maria Sharapova Is Engaged to British Art Dealer

Maria Sharapova recently announced on her blog that she was getting engaged to her long term boyfriend, investor Alexander Gilkes. She has been extremely busy recently with the demands of her career and managing her business interests. One thing that did not escape her mind during her hectic schedule was how much she wanted to spend on a ring for her sweetheart. In fact, after her engagement, she mentioned in one of her e-mails to a pal that she was looking forward to having a ‘great’ day. Just like her good friend Linda Ellis, who had shared the same sentiments, Maria decided that she deserved a good diamond engagement ring and found a diamond that fit her budget and one that suited her personality too.

Twitter Reaction To Maria Sharapova

The name of the diamond which Maria selected is a reminder of one of her favorite movies ‘Jurassic Park’. It is called ‘Through the Stone’, a movie that the movie’s director said had inspired the theme of her engagement ring. A fitting engagement gift perhaps then for a woman who loves to be and who might be a little bit obsessed with the idea of creating an ‘immense’ collection of art as part of her life’s work. Maria Sharapova also seems to have a passion for collecting jewelry and she has given her jewellery collection a great name: ‘The Art of the Rings’.

It seems that the love of tennis which is the core of Maria Sharapova’s professional life has also inspired the design of the ring which she is wearing. It is called a ‘Capezio’ and has a combination of yellow and black diamonds set in a gold setting. The star’s name is inscribed across the band, in case you were wondering if she had designed it herself. As you can imagine, it is a fitting engagement present for a tennis star with an avid interest in diamonds. The reason that Maria Sharapova gets engaging is because of all the diamonds she has.

The other diamond that Maria Sharapova is wearing in her finger is a pink semi-precious stone called a ‘pink marquise’. It is not the most precious of diamonds and is a lower grade. However, as in the case of the engagement ring, the name of the jeweler who has designed the piece is inscribed on the band. So, you can see how deep the passion of the tennis star is into the designing of her ring, which has taken the shape of a finger.

British Art Dealer Alexander Gilkes

The art dealer from whom you have ordered the diamond jewelry has, no doubt, become a very important part in your lives. After all, you probably started out as just friends. However, when you started to shop for diamond jewelry, you soon realized that it was something more than just a means of making money. It was something more than the usual. It was something that, when the time comes, you will remember as one of the most important decisions you have made in your life.

You may wonder what it is that makes an art dealer so important in the world of fine jewelry. Well, as the famous movie star Madonna once said, she would not be singing if it were not for her art dealer. And it is true. A good art dealer can turn a great ring into a one of a kind creation. As Maria Sharapova shows, the mere idea of getting engaged to a man who is a great tennis player is enough to make you go all gooey inside.