May 12, 2021

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NBA: Brooklyn Nets Beats Clippers again 124-120

NBA: The Brooklyn Nets have been playing the Los Angeles Clippers lately. They are one of the hottest teams in the NBA Eastern Conference. Their recent win over the Dallas Mavericks was a major blow to the Clippers who were very confident that they would win this game. The Clippers were up against one of the most talented teams in the league in the Dallas Mavericks. The Nets were not intimidated and did their thing.

What NBA Analysts Say

Deron Williams is playing great ball and has made some key baskets. The Brooklyn Nets is a talented team that will go into the playoffs having a great chance of going far in the playoffs. I have a hard time believing that the Los Angeles Clippers can beat the Brooklyn Nets in a seven game series. There is no way that the team can get past the Brooklyn Nets, especially with the way that the Nets are playing right now. The team just doesn’t play well enough to get past the New Jersey Nets in a seven game series.

The Clippers are not the same as the Nets, they just don’t play as good as the Brooklyn Nets. The Los Angeles Clippers has a few holes to fill and are without one of their best players in Kevin Durant. The team also does not have any depth at the guard position and is thin at that position. They have several good players, but none of them are a star.

I think the Brooklyn Nets should stick with the guy that knows how to get the job done, Joe Johnson. He has been great the last two years leading the team in rebounding, steals, blocks and assists. He should be on the All-Star team this year. If not, you can pick up one of the young guns and put him at the center position and have some great depth at the guard position!

Twice in Row is nice

The Brooklyn Nets needs to keep bringing in young guns and developing them until they get the stars. I am not saying that we should leave our veteran guys in forever. I just think that sometimes it is necessary to bring in a young talent to develop. When you have stars, you have depth, which is what the Brooklyn Nets needs in order to compete in the NBA Eastern Conference.