May 11, 2021

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Pele at 80: The GOAT Debate

Pele of Brazil is regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time. He is recognized as the greatest player in the world and is the holder of the all-time leading goal’s record. He holds the distinction of playing for both Brazilian sides as well as for the international side of Brazil. Pele’s achievements and contributions to the game of soccer have been recognized by not only his countrymen, but also by soccer enthusiasts all over the world.

Pele The Legend

A Pele legend is a player who had an incredible career playing for both the South American and European sides. Although he started out with Inter Milan in Italy, he moved on to play for the Brazilian national team where he became one of the most popular and top players in the sport. He holds the record for most World Cup appearances with 14. Pele’s longevity and dominance during his time in the game is something that many players strive to emulate. He holds the record for the most assists in a single match as well as the most goals scored.

As an individual athlete, Pele established himself as one of the greatest football players in the world. The legendaryamba actually began playing the game at a very young age – even learning the basics of kicking a soccer ball. He eventually played for the Minho side, which was then called Santos in Portuguese. Though he would go onto play for other teams throughout his career, he always remained with the team that he considered his best. Pele made his first official appearance in the United States when he scored a penalty kick during a match against Mexico in Rio de Janeiro.

Though Pele enjoyed his years of professional soccer, he is most remembered for his five decades of playing in the Brazilian league for Flamengo. He holds the record for most games played and most points made during his time with the club. Despite his achievements, Flamengo were often relegated or did not have the right to challenge for titles during his time there. However, after several years with the club, he was offered a move to Europe by FC Barcelona. He played one season for the Catalans before joining Inter Milan.

Happy Birthday

When Pele signed for Inter, many people believed that his time in Milan would be limited to only one season. Pele’s influence on youngsters is therefore profound. Current stars like Beckham, Maradona, and David Beckham’s son, David, have paid tribute to the man they call the King of the Kings for the outstanding career he had. Young fans of the game in America and abroad are also benefiting from his legacy.

This article represents only an outline of his many achievements. Readers should do further research in order to learn more about this great legend. It is also worth remembering that this is only an overview of his career.