June 20, 2021


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Ruptured Achilles – Recovery Time

Achilles tendon ruptures are common injuries that affect those at the pinnacle of athleticism, as well as those who only irregularly engage in physical activity. Ruptured Achilles tendons are very painful. They are usually caused by too much stress being put on the tendon over time. As well, an injury to the tendon could also be a factor in an pain. When the tendon becomes overstressed, it can rupture.

Ruptured Achilles

Ruptured Achilles tendons are extremely painful and the only way to treat them is to get rid of the pain. An injury to an Achilles tendon is usually a severe injury and will need immediate medical attention. When you first notice the pain it will be intense. In order to help alleviate the pain, your doctor may recommend running or other exercise, but he or she may also recommend surgery. The purpose of surgery is to get rid of the damaged tendon.

The doctor might first suggest that you rest after having surgery. The doctor will likely ask you to limit your activities to what you can do when you are resting. They will also give you a prescription for an anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the amount of swelling. The doctor will likely place a cramp lock on your lower leg to immobilize your leg while it heals. The doctor may also prescribe an antibiotic ointment or cream to treat the inflammation.

There are two main types of surgery to treat Ruptured Achilles tendons. One involves placing a mesh implant behind the injured tendon. This implant is surgically placed behind the damaged tissue. This allows the area to heal faster and allow for more rapid functional strength improvement. The other surgery is more invasive and requires a long recovery period. This reconstructive surgery involves removing portions of your tissue repair to repair Ruptured Achilles tendons and muscles.

Recovery Time

If Ruptured Achilles tendons and muscles are not enough to provide the patient with partial mobility, then the doctor might suggest surgery to replace them. Sometimes replacement is enough to restore normal function. Your doctor might use an arthroscopic approach to repair Ruptured Achilles tendons and muscles. During this procedure, an arthroscope is used to obtain images of the inflamed area. An ultrasound will then be used to diagnose and analyze your situation.

Ruptured Achilles tendons and muscles are painful injuries that require immediate medical attention. In order to prevent further injury or pain, you should stay out of aggravating positions. Be sure to consult with your doctor if you notice any of the above symptoms. Do not rest too much or perform any activities that could worsen your injury. Also, be sure to wear appropriate shoes and protect your feet by wearing stockings. Finally, do not give up if your doctor does not tell you how to solve your Ruptured Achilles tendon rupture problem.