May 9, 2021

Sports News



Transgender Women Rights in Sports

There was a time when the transgender women community could sit back and watch the athletic industry push back against the female athlete coming out. Now, they are fighting back and pushing for more action in congress.

Transgender Women Rights

The transgender women community has pushed for this type of legislation for many years. It seems that the Florida legislature is not willing to work towards resolving this issue, which is sad. This is a big step in the right direction for the transgender community, but it would be unfortunate if the representatives do not continue to do what they can to resolve this issue once and for all.

There is no reason why the female collegiate athletes should have to worry about the possibility; of being banned from sporting events because of who they are. In the recent past, two high school football teams in Florida decided to allow transgender women to play; despite the fact that it would make them an illegal activity according to the law.

This is wrong. The transgender community should be able to participate equally in athletic events just like everyone else. If the Florida legislature truly believes in fairness, then they need to fix this problem; before anyone is forced to choose between living his or her life openly, and participating in sports.

The problem is that many politicians are trying to promote the idea that there is something wrong with the members of the transgender community; when there clearly is no problem with the transgender woman athlete. Some of these members of the legislature have actually made statements; about how transgender women shouldn’t be allowed to compete in the Olympics.

The suggestion is that these women are not strong enough or competitive enough, to compete for a place on the team. These politicians are basically telling the world that there is something wrong with the members of the transgender community; when the fact is that the vast majority of these individuals are the best athletes to ever compete against the members of the opposite sex. To suggest that these women are not competitive enough is ludicrous. As a matter of fact, these women are among the most competitive individuals that you will ever meet.


The reality is that there is nothing wrong with a transgender woman athlete competing against a man in the Olympic game. It is their ability to strive, and do whatever it takes; to be the best that makes them an exceptional athlete. The fact that they identify as a woman doesn’t change that fact. The Florida legislature has introduced legislation that would prevent gender-based discrimination on the basis of gender identity. This would include protections for transgender women, but the proposal is not a clear cut victory for transgender rights.